Latest Updates!
Release v4.0 Beta

  • Dutch Language Support
  • 3D Touch Support
  • Extensive Game Support! (You now play almost any released game so far. HOORAY!)
  • Improved Multiplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Profiles Added- You can Built your Own Profile
  • Fixed 2 Serious Bugs that caused some serious memory Usage
  • Drastically Improved Performance and Memory Usage
  • A lot of Playback Issues got Corrected
  • General Stability and Performance Improvement
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies Added! (Not really, but wouldn’t it be great?)
  • More Goodies Coming Soon! (We Will be Rolling out a second Update in the near Future)

Release v3.0.2

  • Support for 10 More Anticipated ROM’s
  • Featuring a new Flat Design
  • Faster loading of games, especially Hard Ripped copies!
  • Fixed a serious bug with the latest nVidia, and ATI Power Express drivers that causes our emulator to crash. We now support over 350 types of graphic cards.
  • New Feature! Rom Collections. You can now tag your Wii U Game Roms and link them into categories.

Release v3.0.1

  • New Design for the Game Loading Screen!
  • Various Fixes and Improvements
  • Under the Hood Optimisations
  • Next Generation Wii U Game Support
  • You can now play Wii U [WebRip] Format Roms
  • Fixed playback of streams on Splatoon
  • Added 3D Rendering Engine
  • New button lets you quickly load your previous game! (Hint: It’s at the right top Corner!)

Release v3.0

  • Windows Licensing System Added
  • Multiplayer Mode Improvements
  • Various bug Fixes
  • Zeplin Emulator now¬†supports more Games
  • UI Fixes
  • iOS Control Improvement
  • Ticket Support System is on it’s way! (Hang in there!)

Previous Releases have been truncated! You can view them on Github*

Initial Release

Zeplin Wii U Emulator was released