Why do you require an offer completion to download the Wii U Emulator?

Our Nintendo Partners require you to complete an offer prior to downloading our Emulator. We’re sorry, but we cannot just publicly upload our Wii U Emulator on public hosting sites. Don’t worry, it’s a fairly easy process. Just pick an offer, fill it in with real information, and your download link will be unlocked.

What is this Zeplin Emu all about?

Zeplin Wii U Emulator is a fork from the original Wii U Emulator that can be found at Free-Emulators. We’ve decided to buy the source code, and develop on it further. We believe there’s still a lot to be added to the original Wii U Emulator. You should expect some neat features soon!


On what Platforms does your Wii U Emulator work?

Our Wii U Emulator is currently working on Windows x86, Windows x64, and Mac OSX. We’re planning a major release for Linux in the next couple months (Hang in there Linux users!)

Is your Emulator regularly Updated?

We’re releasing bug fixes and improve our Wii U Emulator’s functionalities every week. You just have to Update your Emulator every time you get a new notification. If you have discovered any bugs, or have some cool suggestions drop us an e-mail!